Here are some nice things people have said about Seamless Texture Generator:

"I tried the demo and found it very useful."

"Nice work on the program, it saves me so much time having to manually create tilable textures for my computer game projects. ... I bought it straight away and I'm very happy with it."

"Looks nice so far, good product, keep up the good work."

"Great program by the way!"

"Very nice work Shawn. I'm going to have to add this to my tools collection. It's exactly what I've been looking for."

"Awesome program.. just ordered it."

"I tested your tool a little, it is an awesome tool. As making a big texture pack atm, it could help us a lot."

"I just tried your program and I am very impressed! I haven't found a seamless program yet that really actually worked until yours! I do all my tiling in PhotoShop which is fine with handmade textures but as we all know once you start working with photographs then tiling becomes a large amount of time and work! Seems (hehe, no pun) I'll be buying this tool! Great job!"

"Price wise... thats pretty appealing. The results were quite nice to."

"Wow.... We've been looking for something like this. Thanks!"

"I like it a lot, saves messing around with the high pass filter, and the layer effects, offest filter and a bunch of other clone/brush tools and does a remarkable job by itself :) I tried it on some pretty interesting grass/rock and bits of hoiday photo's from a recent trip to nevada. Was impressed with how well it handles quite tricky things."

"By god! thank you sooo much man, I have been waiting for something like this for a long while now, no more hours of creating seamless textures for me!"

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