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Seamless Texture Generator is a tool for creating professional  seamlessly- tileable textures from photographs quickly and easily.

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"It saves me so much time having to manually create tilable textures for my computer game projects. ... I bought it straight away and I'm very happy with it."

STG will save you HOURS OF WORK!
  • Makes most textures seamless with a single click!
  • Automatically removes highlights and shadows!
  • Crop,rotate, and correct perspective all in a single step!

"I just tried your program and I am very impressed!
I haven't found a seamless program yet that really actually worked until yours!"

STG is designed for QUALITY!

STG uses an advanced blending algorithm that was carefully designed to retain sharpness ,color , and contrast throughout the image.

Other programs do simple alpha blends, or clone, mirror, and stretch the image to make it seamless.  These operations produce a texture which is repetitive and blurry, and displays telltale "ghosting" artifacts that make the textures they output virtually worthless.

STG avoids these issues almost entirely, and goes a step further, providing you with the ability to correct for flash and even out brightness across the image... features you'll be hard pressed to find in other products.

Warning, does NOT support Windows 10.

"Thank you sooo much man, I have been waiting for something like this for a long while now, no more hours of creating seamless textures for me!"

Additional Features:
  • Exports textures of any size!
  • Supports many image formats , including JPG,TGA, BMP, PNG , TIFF , PSD and DDS (PSD and DDS formats import only.)
  • Sharpen images with a newly developed sharpening algorithm that doesn't suffer from the halos normally associated with unsharp masking!


Now that you've seen how much time and effort STG will save you, what have you got to lose? 

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Warning, does NOT support Windows 10.

    Warning, does NOT support Windows 10.

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